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Ninnaho replies

7 questions to Prof. Massimo Agosti, Director of the Woman and Child Department of the Asst-Settelaghi University Hospital in Varese.

1) Prof. Agosti, what is the mission of the ninna ho project?


2) Does the choice of entrusting your child to the hospital regardless of the way in which the birth takes place?


3) Does the mother have the possibility of rethinking and taking the baby back with her?


4) When the child is entrusted to the hospital, who are the professionals who will take care of it?


5) If the woman decides not to recognize her child, will the healthcare staff have access to sensitive data, including the mother’s identity?


6) What is the procedure implemented when a child is entrusted to the ninna ho cradle?


7) Prof. Agosti, what do you think is the future of ninna ho?